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This beauty is on every collectors’ list, the elusive and sought after Dubia uniquely grows up a wooden plank, supporting its silver and green veined leaves. Originating in The Americas, the Dubia is known as a shingle plant as the leaves grow flat, vertically up a plank. As the plant climbs, the

leaves gradually increase in size, to keep the leaves growing and maturing, keep extending the plank when the vine outgrows it!

Other names

Shingle plant


These Monsteras will love bright, indirect light.


Let the top inch of soil dry out between waterings.


Although not very fussy this plant will appreciate you raising the humidity, this will support growth and stability of aerial roots, allowing it to cling onto the wooden plank.

Toxic to pets


Pot Size

Ø 12cm




Insight into lighting

North-facing windows: This position will not receive any direct sun during the day. Ideal for Low and Medium Light plants - by the windowsill

East & West facing windows: Provides soft sunlight in the morning or afternoon, respectively. Ideal for plants that need bright, indirect light. Medium and low light plants will be happy a few feet back from these windows.

South-facing windows: Hot sun rays flow through these windows. South facing windowsills are ideal for Cacti and other full-sun tolerant plants. The sun will be too strong for most houseplants so keep them away from the first metre or so of the window in more ambient light

Insight into humidity

The best ways to create humidity:

  • Put the plant in the bathroom (if you don’t have a window in there just take your plants I’m to soak up the humidity when you have a shower or bath!)
  • Group your plants
  • Use a humidifier


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