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Origin: South America

Light: Bright, indirect light

Bright indirect light is the type of light you will find in an east and west facing window. East facing windows receive very good levels of light as they are the first windows that get rays of sunlight in the mornings. West facing windows receive the late-afternoon sun as the sun goes down. In nature, the type of plant that requires this kind of light grows in areas where large trees shade them. Since the sun in the morning and in the afternoon is not very harsh, an hour or 2 of this kind of light is not harmful at all, your plant will love it!

Water: When 20% of the soil dries out

This plant likes to have its soil dry out in between waterings. Use your finger to touch the soil halfway down the pot, to feel the moisture. If it still feels moist or wet, you can wait a bit longer before watering this plant again.

If the pot is rather large and you cannot reach the soil halfway down, use a wooden skewer or a moisture meter to check the soil.

You want to water your plants thoroughly as long as they can drain the water. Ideally, place the nursery pot in your sink, give it a thorough watering so it can run through and drain, and after its done dripping, you can place it back in the decorative pot.

Never let your plants sit in water as this will cause root rot and the plant will die. It’s often safer to under-water your plants, rather than to over water.

Humidity: High

High humidity levels can be found in the bathroom and kitchen, as there is lots of water evaporating in these areas therefore making the air more moist. If you would like to create higher humidity in your space there are a few ways you can go about it:

  • The best way to increase humidity is by acquiring a humidifier. These will consistently mist the plants for you and this will increase the humidity surrounding your plants. 
  • Put the plants in a closed-off container like a terrarium or a glass globe to cover the plant. By misting this and keeping the plant warm, it creates a humid environment which the plant will love.
  • Putting your houseplants close together allows them to share humidity between each other, however this won’t increase the humidity it will only maintain it. 

If you see your plants struggling during winter with brown edges or something similar, think of these tips or move them temporarily to your bathroom and move them back when the radiators are turned off. 

Toxic to pets: No

Pot Size: Ø 14cm / approx 40 cm tall

*Decorative pot not included - Sold separately in store only


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