Postage and Packaging

postage and packaging ivy and the wolf

We try to be as environment friendly as possible, while being as efficient and safe when shipping plants. We use boxes made from recycled material, or are eco-friendly. Sometimes we use filling, wrapping or boxes that have been used previously to minimise waste and promote re-cycling of materials.

All plants are packed with the most upmost care to transport it as safely as possible. Each plant is packed individually, and depending on size and style, it is generally packed as follows:

- Biodegradable clingfilm to cover the soil from falling over (this is sometimes not possible depending on how the plant grows) It is possible you might find some soil in the packing but we do our best to minimise this!

- Paper wrapping with recycled thick paper. Sometimes we use plastic (biodegradable) air pillows or (previously used) plastic bubble wrap. Even our pink decorative paper is 100% recyclable!

- Boxes are made from recycled materials and are generally double walled for maximum strength. These boxes are either from recycled material, used with paper from well managed forests, or are even re-used before.

- We tape the plants to the box to prevent moving and also use recycled filling material (this is either recyclable paper or previously used filling to minimise waste)


Next to all of this we also want the customer to have a plant that arrives not only safe, but fast. We ship with a next-day, fully tracked delivery. This way, your plant is in transit the fastest way possible, and will therefore arrive in the best condition possible. 

We ship our parcels only on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, so that the parcels are not stuck over the weekend at the depot. 


We spend a lot of time packaging, researching and improving our service, products and the way we ship your items. We are always welcoming feedback, wether it's positive or negative, so we can all learn and grow.

At the end of the day, we want to grow old on a healthy planet, and give the future generation the tools to continue this forward!